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Enhance your style with the relaxed, retro vibe of round frame sunglasses. Inspired by the vintage style, we’ve crafted this collection using one-of-a-kind designs to offer you a contemporary take on the shape that has been beloved for decades by everyone, from fashion trendsetters to festival-goers. Explore our round shape sunglasses now to shield the windows to your soul in style!

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Modern Vintage Round Frame Sunglasses

Round shape sunglasses may attract admiring looks, but rest assured – your identity remains hidden. A go-to choice for music icons in the 1960s and ‘70s and again in the ‘90s, these frames are so intriguing that they keep making a comeback in fashion. And we can’t get enough. Use our easy virtual try-on to experiment with frames and discover the style for you!

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Protect Your Eyes with Privado 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What face shapes are round frame sunglasses best for?

Round shape sunglasses are typically most flattering for those with square or rectangular face shapes and those with prominent facial features. The rounded corners and soft angles of these frames balance out sharp jawlines and square foreheads. Our Virtual Try-On is a great way to see for yourself which style best suits you!

Are round frames suitable for everyday wear?

Even though they were initially popular among pop icons and often worn among festival go-ers, that doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyed every day. Round frame sunglasses will provide you with vintage charm that’ll take you from weekends at the beach to sunny commutes to work.

Are expensive round shape sunglasses better?

Affordable sunglasses offer you the same protection and style you’re looking for. We believe that luxury shouldn’t be limited to a few, which is why we’ve crafted an entire collection of high-quality, modern sunglasses with premium protection at affordable prices. Wear your Privado glasses with confidence!

Are round frames stylish?

This timeless classic is unquestionably stylish. Popular for all ages, many brands and sunglasses wearers keep coming back to round frames because of their ability to flatter various face shapes and complement different styles. Depending on how they’re styled, you can achieve a retro, eclectic, or modern and fashion-forward look – the possibilities are endless!