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First popularized in the 1960s, square frame sunglasses perfectly combine timeless and retro chic fashion. Shield your eyes and enhance your style with these face-flattering frames at Privado. Featuring luxurious unisex designs and bold styles, our collection delivers the easy wearability, versatility, and iconic appearance that have solidified square designer sunglasses as a timeless style staple. Shop now and use our virtual try-on to find your perfect pair!

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Fashion-Forward Square Frame Sunglasses

Few styles of sunglasses have stood the test of time, but square frames are one of them. Square designer sunglasses are highly coveted not only for their eye coverage and protection but for their mysterious aura. Sleek and bold, they make hiding your identity and protecting your eyes look effortless.

It’s been said that fortune favors the bold. Dare to be bold and check out our Best Sellers to discover more fashion-forward designs from Privado!

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Modern and Luxurious Designs

Eye protection and style are equally important with your sunglasses, which is why at Privado, we’ll never make you choose. High-quality and affordable, we use unique designs and craft them into modern, luxurious sunglasses that offer you premium eye protection.

Slip into mystery with Privado and enjoy UV protection, scratch-resistant, and prescription-ready frames. Explore our square frame sunglasses or shop all collections and get free shipping on your order. Don’t forget to tag us on FacebookInstagram, or TikTok!

Frequently Asked Questions

What face shapes do square frame sunglasses look good on?

Square shape glasses complement round, oval, and oblong faces incredibly well thanks to the contrasting angles of the face and sunglasses. The glasses provide great visual contrast and can add structure to these face shapes, adding balance to facial features. 

Are square frame sunglasses fashionable?

Absolutely! In addition to protecting your eyes, square designer sunglasses add serious drama and mystery to your overall look. A few contemporary, fashionable sunglasses styles include oversized, retro, and bold frames like square or geometric shapes. These frames hide your eyes, protect your identity, and add everyday glamour to your style.

Can I wear square shape glasses if I have a square-shaped face?

Even though square frames are known to be most flattering for round and oval faces, that doesn’t mean that other face shapes can’t wear these sunglasses! If you want to try out the style, you may want to use our virtual try-on to experiment with different designs to find the square frames that are most flattering for you.

Should you wear sunglasses all year round?

Yes! The sun’s UV rays can penetrate through any weather, even when there are clouds in the sky or the weather is overcast and gloomy. That being the case, you should always wear sunglasses when you’re outside to protect your eyes and keep them healthy.