Collection: Buy Silver and Grey Sunglasses

Upgrade to a pair of sleek and sophisticated grey shades that exude modern elegance and understated mystique. With their unique designs and moldable acetate frames, these grey sunglasses are all about celebrating and safeguarding your individuality. Featuring one-of-a-kind designs and moldable acetate frames, this collection is crafted to celebrate and protect your unique energy, soul, and style. Step into the light with confidence with this collection of UV-protected grey and silver designer sunglasses.

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Chic & Modern Grey Sunglasses

While black and tortoise shell frames are widely loved for being flattering on almost everyone, there’s another color that you can’t miss out on: grey/silver. These cool, minimalist sunglasses leave a lasting impression without even trying. 

From subtle smoky hues to shiny metallic finishes, these shades will give you an instant air of cool confidence and mystery. Use our virtual try-on to find a pair of silver designer sunglasses that work for you. Embrace the unexpected and discover the power of grey and silver sunglasses today.

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Eyewear to Protect the Windows to Your Soul

At Privado, we believe that there’s intriguing mystery and power in our eyes deeply worthy of being protected. Our high-quality unisex sunglasses are crafted to maintain your mystery, offering you the premium UV protection and luxury style your eyes deserve. Explore all Privado sunglasses today, and make sure you visit our blue light collection to shield your eyes from the artificial blue light of your smart devices. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Facebook or Instagram to show off your look!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are grey sunglasses popular?

Grey is a popular lens choice because it effectively blocks light while maintaining a neutral color perception. This means that no matter whether it’s cloudy or sunny, the colors in your environment remain true to their actual form.

Grey frames are also popular because just like black, this neutral color can be paired with any outfit.

Are darker or lighter sunglasses better?

When it comes to eye protection, neither is better than the other. Your level of UV protection is what matters most for protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays and keeping them healthy. As for style, that’s completely up to you! Both light and dark sunglasses are fashion-forward options that go with everything and can help change up your look.

Should I choose black or grey sunglasses?

Picking the right sunglasses isn’t always a black-or-white decision — sometimes, it requires a shade of grey! Like black, grey serves as a great neutral for your sunglasses and is flattering on almost everyone. Whether you choose grey, black, gold, or silver designer sunglasses depends on your unique style and personality.

How do I pick sunglasses that’ll look good on me?

You’re going to want to consider your face shape, the size of sunglasses relative to the size of your face, color, and style. Did you want something trendy or timeless? Rounded squares and aviators are classic designs that generally look good on every face shape, as do tortoiseshell and grey sunglasses. If you’re unsure of a style, make sure you use our virtual try-on feature!