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Playful and sophisticated, designer cat eye sunglasses perfectly encapsulate the vintage charm of the 1950s and ‘60s. The collection at Privado has been designed for trendsetters that want to elevate their style with a contemporary spin on the classic cat eye shape. Universally flattering, these large frame sunglasses will become a new staple in your wardrobe. Explore cat eye styles ranging from daring to graceful to find your pair!

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Be Bold in Designer Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are a classic, and for a good reason. Almost a century old, they’ve been reinvented with each passing decade. From being created as a feminine eyewear style in the 1930s to its popularization in the ‘50s and ‘60s, it’s become a must in every modern sunglasses collection thanks to film and fashion icons. Once you explore our large frame sunglasses, you’ll understand why!

When you want unique designs with an air of mystery, choose Privado. Shop our collection and get free shipping!

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Maintain Your Mystery

Our designer cat eye sunglasses aren’t the only style that will provide mystery and glamour. At Privado, we’ve designed our high-quality sunglasses and blue light glasses to offer you premium eye protection that’s made to enhance your style and maintain your mystery. Use our virtual try-on to play around with our UV-protective, scratch-resistant, unisex designs. Shop now, and make sure to tag us on FacebookInstagram, or TikTok!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who looks good in designer cat eye sunglasses?

These large frame sunglasses are one style that will flatter most face shapes. The signature “cat eye” corners compliment the soft features of round faces, balance the length of oval face shapes, and offer a complementary sharp look to square face shapes. Since cat eye frames can vary greatly with their shape and wear they sit on your face, it’s always a good idea to virtually try them on first!

Why are they called cat eye sunglasses?

Inspired by Venetian Harlequin masks, cat eye sunglasses were previously called Harlequin glasses after their namesake! So where does the term “cat eye” come from? Cat eye simply refers to the shape of the frames: they’re defined by the frame's flicked upper curve–much like a cat's eyes. One thing that never changed about these glasses is their ability to hide your identity, just like a Harlequin mask!

Are designer cat eye sunglasses timeless?

Cat eye sunglasses are a certified classic style. The vintage appeal transcends decades and styles. Though the general silhouette remains, they’ve been revamped and updated over the years to reflect current trends and styles. That’s why you’ll always find many different cat eye sizes and designs, from elegant and graceful to bold and daring!