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Protect the windows to your soul in every light with Privado. Featuring unique unisex styles, our designer blue light glasses help keep your eyes healthy by shielding them from the blue light emitted from the screens we are surrounded by in our daily lives. Explore the collection now to experience premium protection with plenty of style and a hint of mystery.

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Protect Your Eyes with Designer Blue Light Glasses

Don’t sacrifice style for eye protection. Our stylish blue light sunglasses effortlessly provide both, delivering you quality blue-light technology and sleek designs in just one pair of frames. 

Whether you’re out basking in the sun or you’re in the office working in front of your screens, Privado shields your eyes while upping your fashion game. Shop stylish sunglasses and more today.

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Luxury Eyewear for All

Designer glasses with premium protection should be accessible to everyone. The collections at Privado have been meticulously crafted to offer you luxury styles and designs without the luxury price tag. Hypoallergenic, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant, Privado Eyewear is exactly what you need to protect the power your eyes hold. Discover the pair of affordable blue light glasses that fit the beauty of your soul at Privado, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are designer blue light glasses better than regular glasses?

It depends on your needs! Since blue light glasses are specifically designed to reduce the detrimental effects of artificial blue light, it may be beneficial for those with heavy screen usage to wear them more than regular glasses to help protect their eyes. These glasses are also great for people who wear contact lenses for vision corrections but still experience a lot of screen time. 

Are these blue light glasses for men, too?

Absolutely! The unisex styles of our stylish blue light glasses provide the perfect fit and look for women and men. If you’re unsure of how a style will look on you, you can always use our Virtual Try-On feature to give them a go!

What are the benefits of blue light glasses?

You’ve heard that they block the blue light from the LED screens of your technology – but what does that mean? The blue light technology can help you reduce eye strain, sleep disturbances, and blue light-induced headaches. They can also help you prevent eye damage from long-term exposure to blue light.

What do I look for in a pair of designer blue light glasses?

Generally, you’d look for the qualities you want in your glasses or sunglasses. Choose frames that fit your face shape, are comfortable to wear, and have a style you love. You can choose extra features such as UV protection, anti-reflective technology, and scratch resistance from there.