At Privado we believe that we are a ALL connected in great ways through one same energy.

Knowing this, we know that we all love quality, durability and luxury, especially when it comes to the accessories we use to protect the windows to our soul, our eyes.

So why are all these characteristics in eyewear only available for a select few?
There are many high end brands out there, but have you ever asked yourself, What makes them high end?

You would probably think it’s the materials they use, the kind of protection they offer, or is it perhaps the recognized brand name with a steep price?

Privado is born from a deep passion for high quality eyewear. We took all these characteristics and carefully selected materials to provide the luxury and quality that we ALL deserve. We chose to protect Mother Earth by choosing an Eco-friendly manufacturer in where all of our designs are handcrafted with love and care. Our high quality designs are available at a price that almost every consumer can afford.

Because of the connection we ALL hold, we believe that helping each other should be a no brainer!

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