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How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Square Faces

If you like contouring and highlighting, your beauty routine may be missing an important step. Finding quality, affordable sunglasses to flatter your face shape can elevate your look. 

While anyone can wear any type of sunglasses they like, considering your face shape before purchasing fashion eyewear will ensure you look your best. One of the most common face shapes is a square. It is an angular and elegant-shaped face in both men and women. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the perfect sunglasses for square faces.

How do I know if I have a square face? 

While many of the best sunglasses for square faces work for any shape, you should find your face shape to avoid choosing the wrong frames. 

To determine your face shape, first you have to measure your face. Make sure you measure straight across rather than bending your ruler or measuring tape when measuring. 

  • Step 1: Measure your forehead from temple to temple. 
  • Step 2: Measure across your cheekbones right under your eyes. 
  • Step 3: Measure on an angle from your left ear to the center of your chin. Multiply this by two. 

Square faces have the same or very close to the same numbers for each measurement. Sunglass shapes for square faces can help give dimension to your face and soften the angles.


Man with a square face shape wearing aviator sunglasses

Round Frames 

When it comes to finding frames for your square face, round frame sunglasses are a great start. A round frame is an excellent complement to angular features and a great accessory for professional clothing looks. Round frames can balance out prominent features and give you a wide-eyed look. 

Cat Eye 

Cat eye sunglasses are a staple for those who love glamorous and retro styles because they add drama to any outfit. But cat eye frames can balance out angular features and lift the face, making them one of the best sunglasses for square faces. Remember to choose rounder frames if possible since they are the most flattering sunglass shape for square faces. 


Aviator frames are the most popular frames of all time for a reason: they offer fantastic eye protection and flatter every face shape. Aviator sunglasses have rounded bottoms to provide more sun protection, and this feature makes them great sunglasses for square faces. The straight lines on the top of the aviator frame give square face shapes a commanding presence that is the perfect accessory for business wear.


Bold frame sunglasses are one of the best sunglasses for square faces. Exaggerated ovals and floating-rimmed glasses look chic on this face shape. Remember, when choosing glasses, a curve is critical. Super sharp geometric designs aren’t the most flattering sunglass shape for square faces. 

You want to avoid square or rectangular frames. They will compete with your natural angles. You want to choose a sunglass shape that highlights your natural features, not overwhelms them. 

Rimless Gold Cat Eye-Shaped Sunglasses

Frame Weight

Frame weight is an essential factor when choosing sunglasses. You can choose thin, frameless, or floating frames to soften your face's angles. If you want to showcase your stronger jawline, choose a medium frame. Heavy frames are not the best sunglasses for square faces. The additional weight of the frames will make your bone structure look severe and out of balance.

Frame Size 

The size is as important as the shape of sunglasses for square faces. Square-shaped faces can wear larger frames, unlike face shapes with less angular features. Lenses that are wider than your face will give your face depth and dimension. You can even wear more fashion-forward oversized frames. Since your face shape is so strong, it will not be overwhelmed by larger lens sizes, but remember, when you’re choosing sunglasses, always choose thinner frames. 

Frame Color 

While you should always choose frame colors that work with your wardrobe and skin tone, thin metallic frames are the best sunglasses for those with square faces. Thin silver or gold frames can give the face brightness while not weighing down your features. If you want to add some color, a frame with transparency is your best choice. A solid black or brown frame may be too heavy for your bone structure.

There are so many great options for square faces. This face shape can wear casual, classic, and fashion forward styles. This face shape is versatile, so many models and celebrities have square bone structures. 

While guides are helpful, no face fits every rule. Some faces may be a combination of different shapes. Some people may have striking features they want to highlight. And many people like a style so much they can make it work. That is why It is essential to try on different sunglasses to see what works for your unique look. Privado offers a virtual try-on feature to ensure you purchase quality, stylish sunglasses that are perfect for you. 

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