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How to Choose Sunglasses for an Oval Face

Sunglasses may seem like a universal accessory, but have you ever encountered a pair that looks extra flattering on you? Color, design, and style are significant contributors, especially when compared to factors like your unique skin undertones or your facial structure. Like how silver or gold better compliments your skin tone and undertones, the right frames can create an extremely flattering effect that makes you feel like those sunglasses were custom-made. So, what glasses frames work best for oval faces? Keep reading to learn how to choose sunglasses that will balance your features and enhance your style.

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Determining Face Shape

Before getting to the best sunglasses for an oval face, first things first: let’s determine whether you have an oval face. Look in the mirror or take a selfie – make sure to pull your hair back if you have long hair. 

Look at the proportions of your face. Oval faces are longer than they are wide. They typically have a rounded jawline and will narrow slightly at the chin and forehead. Remember that there is no perfect measurement to determine your face shape, so you may not share all the same traits compared to someone else with an oval face shape. 

Choosing Glasses Frames for Oval Faces

One of the most adaptable face shapes, oval-shaped faces have quite a lot of versatility with sunglasses, pairing nicely with many styles and frames. For example, round glasses on oval faces will soften and balance facial features, while glasses frames with angles and more structure can add definition to your face. 

Some features to consider when choosing sunglasses include creating balance with your face shape, the proportion of the glasses to your face, comfort, and style. Remember that their shape and size are equally important for creating a balance of functionality and style. A few of the most flattering options include:

Square/Rectangle Frames

woman in a leather jacket and square oversized sunglasses

Rectangle and square-shaped sunglasses are two of the best sunglasses for oval faces. Why? The straight lines of these frames add definition and structure to the soft curves of oval faces, creating a more balanced appearance. These contrasting features at play on your face will make your frames stylishly stand out.

Large square or rectangle frames will certainly shield your eyes and protect your identity, but if you’re concerned about overwhelming your features, try smaller frames!

Cat Eye Frames

Woman wearing designer cat-eye sunglasses

A favorite for decades, cat eye frames are another design that those with oval faces can wear with ease. These sunglasses work well for oval faces because they break up proportions and balance to the face shape. Due to the style's gentle, upward, sweeping lines, they’ll also complement and enhance the cheekbones for oval faces with higher cheekbones. 

As you shop cat eye glasses frames for your oval face, make sure to search for frames that don’t sit wider than the broadest part of your face for your most flattering fit. 

Round Frames

It may sound counterintuitive to opt for round sunglasses when you have rounded facial features. Still, they complement your face quite well because of the contrast between the circular frames and an oblong face. Round glasses on oval faces can help to soften facial features and add just the right amount of playful mystery to your face. 

When browsing round glasses frames for oval faces, it’s important to pay attention to size. As with square frames, smaller faces may want to opt for smaller frames to avoid overwhelming your features, while more prominent faces may want to try larger frames to balance your features. Use our virtual try-on feature to see which sunglasses you’d prefer for your oval face!


man wearing aviator sunglasses with gradient lenses

Aviators flatter most face shapes – including oval. The classic teardrop lens shape and straight-edged brow bar of these sunglasses deliver perfect balance for oval faces: the straight-edged bar at the top of the frames provides contrast to the curves of oval faces, lending to a more balanced appearance, while the teardrop lenses let your facial features shine. 

Geometric Frames

Privado Ninox gold geometric sunglasses

If you want to make a statement, geometric sunglasses are a fun option for oval faces. Like square and rectangular frames, the angular lines of hexagonal or octagonal frames add great contrast to the soft curves of oval faces. Similar to round glasses on oval faces, these frames can offer a balanced appearance and create visual interest in your face.

Enhance Your Style

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best sunglasses for oval faces. Everyone’s face shape and style are distinct, making the “perfect” sunglasses completely subjective. Don’t limit yourself when you’re shopping for sunglasses. It’s up to you to decide how you want to protect the windows to your soul. Try on unique, prescription-ready frames at Privado now and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok once you find the pair that flatters your face and enhances your style!

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