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5 Trending Sunglasses That Are Always in Style

If revamping your wardrobe every season isn’t within your budget, affordable sunglasses are a great way to update your look without breaking the bank. But not all trending sunglasses are created equal. When selecting new sunnies, you need to consider your face shape, personal style, and lifestyle because looking great is always on-trend. 

Here is Privado’s guide for trending sunglasses that are stylish and flattering. 

Aviator Sunglasses

Created by a pilot to protect the eyes from the glare and strain of flight, these fashionable sunglasses are always trending for a reason. The first pair was sold to civilians in 1937, and they have been synonymous with cool ever since. From the classic trench coat to boho-fringe jackets, aviator glasses are the perfect trendy designer sunglasses.

Aviator glasses can look good on any gender or face shape. But proportion is important. A larger lens helps to balance a round face shape, while a more compact version looks better on heart-shaped faces. 

Reference your skin tone when choosing colors for frames and lenses. Gold frames and brown lenses look great on warmer-toned skin, and cooler skin tones shine when wearing silver frames and grey lenses. Of course, if you want to be a top gun, mirrored lenses never fail. These trending sunglasses are a wise investment in style for years to come.

Woman wearing cat-eye trending sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Nothing says glamor like the cat eye sunglasses. Cat eye frames were designed in the 1950s to mirror the look of mid-century vehicles and modern art. They became perennial fashionable sunglasses because they evoke mystery and fun and can add glamor to casual looks.

Cat eye sunglasses look good on most face shapes but best complement the angles of heart-shaped and diamond faces and balance square-shaped faces. Pay attention to the width of the frames when choosing your cat eye sunglasses as thicker frames can overwhelm smaller features. 

Cat eye sunglasses can come in various frame colors, so matching your skin’s undertone is essential. While wearing the trending sunglasses color of the season is fun, cat eye sunglasses in a neutral color, such as black, are always a wise choice.

Square Sunglasses

If you want bold, trendy designer sunglasses, square-shaped sunglasses are a great choice. These frames were a staple in the pop-art ’60s scene and symbolize luxurious fashion today. This unisex style is a favorite of the jet set because it pairs well with modern clothes with clean lines.

These trending sunglasses look best on softer face shapes. The angular frames provide the proper contrast to round and oval faces. This advice doesn’t mean other face shapes can’t wear these fashionable sunglasses; they just have to look for glasses with a smaller frame or rounded lens so the angles aren’t as pronounced. 

Square sunglasses are bold, so you may want to stick with black or tortoise frames. But for those who want to stand out in a crowd with trendy designer sunglasses, vivid colors can help you make a statement. But remember, harmony with your skin tone is essential when you want to look your best. 

Woman wearing round-framed trending sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

If all you need is love, these trending sunglasses are for you. Round sunglasses are the favored shape of music icons and epitomize bohemian style, but they are a great accessory and can add an element of rock and roll to any look. So don’t be afraid to wear them with wardrobe basics for a rockstar moment. 

While this shape is fun, it looks best on more angular face shapes. Round sunglasses give softness to square, diamond, and heart-shaped faces. Round and oval faces should look for more elongated fashionable sunglasses.

With round frame sunglasses, color is the whole vibe. If you want a rock and roll retro look, opt for the metallic frame that best compliments your coloring, but if you want a more subtle take, black rims are your best bet. 

Bold Geometrics 

These cutting-edge shapes are for the fashionistas who want next-level trending sunglasses. From exaggerated ovals, lightning bolts, and ski-goggle designs, these looks are not for the shy. These trendy designer sunglasses have been in vogue in one form or another since the heart-shaped glasses of the early 1960s and became a staple with the futuristic styles of the 80s.

Because bold frame sunglasses are so unique, there are no rules. They are an expression of personal style, so they can match whatever message you want to send to the world. You can be harmonious or clash if you wish. These styles let you be you! 

Woman wearing bold oval trending sunglasses

Try On Your Privados

Following trends and fashion advice is fun, but you are unique. The best way to find out if trending sunglasses work for you is by trying them on. Privado Eyewear provides a virtual try-on to ensure our high-quality, stylish sunglasses enhance your style and take the guesswork out of buying sunglasses online. 

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