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Top Sunglasses for Weddings

In North America, wedding season typically runs from May through October for a reason: it’s warm, green, and full of beautiful sun. That sunshine brings a feeling of joy and lightness to the air, along with harsh UV rays that can be damaging to your eyes. While it may be tempting to forgo sunglasses for weddings, thinking they are not appropriate, this is a misstep. Without sunglasses, you not only risk being unable to see the ceremony due to glare, but you also risk the safety of your eyes and the delicate skin around them being exposed to the sun.

While there’s no shade about wearing sunglasses as wedding guests, it does depend on which pair you wear. You don’t want something cheap and tacky on such a special day. That’s why you need to invest in some high-quality, formal sunglasses to show off your style at these events.

Considerations for Wedding Sunglasses

Before you choose formal sunglasses, there are a few things to take into consideration. The first is the wedding dress code and theme. This day is not about you and the bride and groom certainly don’t want to be overtaken by something as trivial as sunglasses for their wedding guests. There are a few types of wedding themes, and you should pay attention to matching your sunglasses and outfit to the vibe.

For a rustic wedding, go for simple and understated frames. Formal affairs require a classic look. However, if the theme has a trendy or vintage flair, something a little off the beaten path like designer cat eye sunglasses will work well.

The next consideration is similar to the first: think about the color palette for the wedding. You don’t want your wedding sunglasses clashing with the carefully curated aesthetic. For pastel palettes, stick with light, neutral colors like white or beige for your frames. With earth tones, you can easily match your formal sunglasses with brown or even dark green. When it comes to bright palettes, opt for black, dark grey, or even metallic frames to play off the vibrance.

Finally, consider your wedding sunglasses lenses, too. The most common frame colors are grey, black, and brown, and all three go well with any type of frame. Other appropriate options include rose or green, but you should avoid striking colors like orange or yellow. Regardless of your color choice, try to opt for polarized sunglasses with high UV protection to up your ocular safety.


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Popular Wedding Sunglasses

There are a few types of popular sunglasses for wedding guests, ranging from classic to bold and trendy. Each of these formal sunglasses has its place depending on the wedding dress code, your outfit choice, and your personal style.

Classic Frames

A classic look is appropriate for almost every wedding. Whether it’s formal or casual, you can’t go wrong with traditional oval or square frames. Opt for brown, grey, or black sunglasses to keep things neutral and classy. When wearing simple, classic frames, it’s best to go bolder with your outfit. Try something with some shimmer or play with patterns and florals, choosing something that fits the dress code and shows off your personal style.

Bold Frames

If there’s room to play around with your look, try out bold frames sunglasses for the wedding. Think large, round or cat eye frames — something that makes a statement. Bold options pair well with an understated outfit or a flowy, feminine look. Just be sure to balance your style by focusing on your formal sunglasses as the statement piece rather than making the whole outfit an elevated look.

Trendy Frames

If the dress code allows, you can let loose with some trendy frames. These tend to be sunglasses with extreme sizes or angles, making them the focal point of your look. Whether you opt for a trendy color or shape for your wedding sunglasses, be sure to follow that trend in your outfit. If you choose something with sharp angles, play that up in your suit or dress as well. If you decide to go for a striking color, be sure to have pops of it in your other accessories to add continuity.

Wedding Sunglasses Don’ts

There are a few “don’ts” when it comes to sunglasses for wedding guests. Some of the top ones to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t wear mirrored sunglasses. You’ll be talking with a lot of people at the event and it can be off-putting to have them staring back at themselves.
  • Don’t wear sporty frames. Sports sunglasses won’t fit the tone of a wedding. Save them for the slopes, waves, or pavement.
  • Don’t pick vibrant frames. Bright or neon-colored frames are a bit too much for the occasion. Unless the dress code or color palette specifically asks for these shades, you should avoid them altogether.
  • Don’t forget to consider how sunglasses can affect your makeup. If you plan to wear makeup with your sunglasses, you need to ensure it doesn’t rub off throughout the event or make you uncomfortable.

Find the Right Wedding Sunglasses with Privado

While there are many appropriate sunglasses for wedding guests, it’s important that you choose stylish sunglasses that fit your look. Privado has tons of unique styles ranging from classic to bold and avante-garde, all at affordable prices so you can snag a pair for everyday wear and one for those special occasions.

Each pair of Privados comes with scratch-resistant lenses, high UV protection, and comfortable frames. Browse our collection of sunglasses online to find the right pair to fit your style and the occasion. And, don’t forget to show off your style! Tag us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to put your wedding sunglasses look on display.

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