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Sun Safety Tips For The Summer Without Sacrificing Style

Temperatures are rising, days are longer, and everyone is anxious for that first getaway — summer has officially arrived. And while these longer days in the sun are something many folks wait for all year, there can be a dangerous downside to catching some rays. Unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays can have damaging effects on your eyes, skin, and overall health. Things like UV ray protection in sunglasses, sunscreen, and protective clothing are great tips to help you enjoy the sun in safety.

Protect Your Eyes Fashionably

Sunglasses serve many purposes. They can maintain mystery and protect your identity, they can elevate an outfit and show off your style, and they can protect your eyes from damaging UV lights. Just like your skin, your eyes are vulnerable to damaging UV rays from the sun. Sun safety tips that apply to your skin also can apply to your eyes. When shopping for stylish sunglasses be sure to also keep an eye on UV protection. Privado has paired safety with style in all of our frames. Our sunglasses boast UV ray protection, scratch resistant lenses, and affordable unisex frames that will match any personal style. Sun safety looks good when it comes in the form of Privado glasses.;

Make It a Habit

Remembering to always have your sunglasses with you can be difficult when you have a chaotic life. Between work, social engagements, and chores there is a lot of room for error when it comes to remembering your sunglasses. One of our favorite sun safety tips is to simply put the things you need in the places you’ll find them. What does this mean? How often are you halfway through your commute and you realize you never grabbed your sunglasses, or find yourself at an outdoor event and realize you never properly applied sunscreen. Our affordable sunglasses make it so that you don’t need just have one pair. Placing little sun-protection ‘kits’ in convenient spots could save the day.;

For a sun-protection kit we recommend:

  • A small bottle of sunscreen
  • A sunscreen stick for reapplying on the go
  • UV ray protection sunglasses
  • Powdered electrolyte water enhancers

We recommend putting each of these kits in places that are convenient to you, such as:

  • In your car
  • At your office desk
  • Right by the door of your home;
  • In your purse or work bag

Properly preparing to top off your sun protection is our number one tip when it comes to enjoying the summertime in comfort and style.;

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Express Yourself

Keeping yourself safe in the sun can also be a powerful tool of self-expression. Privado’s wide selection of unique and bold sunglasses will help you to find the perfect pair for any occasion. Whether you’re sporty, classic, vintage, or quirky we have a frame that will compliment your features and style while also protecting your eyes. Following sun safety tips has never looked better than when you’re wearing a pair of Privado frames.;

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